West Virginia Archery Season Opens September 24th

Aug 30, 2016

West Virginia archery season opening day is September 24th which means you only have three weeks until it begins! Our hunting lodge cabin is available for rent so if you’re interested in booking your hunting trip, contact us today to discuss availability.

Book a cabin rental today and plan a hunting trip to West Virginia!

Upstairs loft

Before you plan your hunt during West Virginia archery season here are a few important things to keep in mind (per wvdnr.gov):

  • A hunter may take no more than three antlered deer per calendar year in all archery and firearms seasons combined.
  • A hunter may harvest two deer per day, but only one antlered deer may be harvested per day. The first deer does not have to be legally checked by a Natural Resources Police officer or at an official checking station prior to harvesting the second deer in the same day. However, all deer legally harvested must be checked by a Natural Resources Police officer or at an official checking station for retagging prior to hunting during a subsequent day.
  • Deer of either sex may be hunted statewide with a bow during the archery season. A bow, but not a crossbow, may be substituted for a firearm during any deer firearms season except muzzleloader season.

Are you ready for West Virginia archery season? Season opens September 24th and we are now booking cabin rentals

While hunting during West Virginia archer season, remember that it is illegal to:

  • be afield with both gun and bow or with a gun and any arrows, except that persons who have a concealed weapon permit may carry a concealed handgun for self-defense only.
  • hunt with a crossbow and/or have a crossbow afield except for the holders of Class Y or YY permits during designated archery seasons. Crossbows must have:
    • a draw weight of at least 125 pounds.
    • a working safety.
    • bolts at least 18 inches long.
    • broadheads with at least two cutting edges at least ¾ inch in width.
  • hunt deer with arrows having less than two sharp cutting edges, measuring less than ¾ inch in width.
  • use a bow-locking device, except with a modified bow permit issued by the Director.
  • use an arrow with an explosive, drug-laced or poisoned head or shaft.
  • use an electronic call to hunt deer.

West Virginia archery season remains open until December 30th, 2016. We will be here all season accepting bookings for our cabin and working to make your hunt an experience to remember.

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